How to Add Style to a Plain Pair of Shoes

For any shoe fan, finding the right style in the right size for any occasion is often a tricky business. In fact, as every woman knows, it is possible to spend hours online browsing through collections or a whole day on the high street looking for a pair for a big event and still come back empty handed.

With this in mind, there is a new player entering the fashionable footwear arena offering the opportunity dress up shoes like never before. This new trend is making it possible to create the ideal footwear for your special occasion and add a touch of your own unique sense of style.

Shoe clips – the new and innovative way of styling shoes – are nifty items that come in a variety of styles and are becoming increasingly popular on the market today as a way of customizing shoes for very little expense. It come in a variety of different styles and designs, some of which will be looked at in this article.

One of the most popular types that you may have noticed around are boot chains. As the name suggests, these are chains that you can clip onto the front, back or sides of boots to add a rebel twist and make those plain boots seem a little more edgy that they originally were.

This demonstrates one of the main advantages of shoe clips – they are easy to place exactly how you want them, meaning that if you decide after a few wears that they look their best at a slightly asymmetrical angle draped around the heel of your boot, then you can choose to wear them in this position.

There are no restrictions when it comes – you can change them up and move them around as often as you want, with nothing being permanent. You can change your tastes or alter your look as often as you like. This makes a huge change from shoes you can buy in regular store that often have a fixed pattern or design that is hard to modify to your preference.

Some other types of shoe clips that are particular popular are flowers and jewels. These are great for adding a touch of style to plain and otherwise uninteresting pumps. Although plain pumps can be perfect for work or school, adding shoe clips at the end of the day can take your outfit from office wear to evening wear quickly and effortlessly.

Jewelled shoe clips are a particularly glamorous option as they allow you to add some sparkle that can make a real feature out of any kind of shoe. Jewels are often great when paired with monotone blocks of colour on pumps or stilettos, as they create a focal point on an otherwise simple shoe.

The same also goes for flower clips, although these are a great choice for a more casual look or even for a summer wedding. These are also great if you are the bride at the wedding – there is a range of clips on the market now with jewelled, rhinestone and other delicate yet exquisite designs that can make plain white shoes into extra special footwear for your big day.

A final type of clip that is worth mentioning are the heel rings that have only recently come onto the market thanks to top U.S. designers who are making them now widely available. Often in rhinestone and crystal designs, heel rings can be slipped over stiletto heels and fixed in place to add an unusual and captivating adornment.

Shoe clips are a great way to add a touch of style and personality to any type of shoe, and are especially a good choice for plain shoes because of this reason. Whether you choose chains, heel rings, jewelled or flower shoe clips, your new look footwear is sure to help you stand out from the crowd.

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